Meet Joe

Joe Stengel, a real estate attorney in Denver, believes that in the practice of law, as in most every area of life, hard work leads to success. A Colorado native, Joe has been a small business owner since 1980. After successfully running for public office in 1999, Joe spent the better part of a decade as a representative in the Colorado State Legislature, including serving as chairman of the House Finance Committee and eventually as House Minority Leader.

Already holding bachelor’s degrees in both Economics and History, Joe entered the University of Denver’s Sturm College of Law in 2001, while he continued to serve in the state legislature. He graduated with his Juris Doctorate after interning both with the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office and in private practice.

Joe joined the legal firm Benson Case in 2006, and as the firm evolved he has now become a partner in Evans Case LLP. He is licensed to practice law through both the Colorado and Wyoming State Bar Associations. He has been active and practicing in real estate law, with nearly a decade of experience under his belt.

Joe Stengel believes that doing any good thing focuses the mind and attention on what is important in life. To that end, he gives himself wholly to his clients, serving them with the best representation and counsel available. Having learned at an early age that the first ingredients to accomplishing anything good is to “show up and pay attention.” Joe’s ethic is to be as available and attentive to his clients, while working hard to improve their circumstances and outcomes within the framework of the law.

When he is not working at the law on behalf of his clients, Joe gives himself equally wholly to his family and the outdoor life he loves. Father to two boys, and now a grandfather as well, Joe enjoys outdoor sports, hunting, and fishing.