Real Estate Forms
From renting to buying and selling real estate, there is a form for every possible transaction. 

What are the types of forms you should be aware of? That depends on what real estate transaction you are completing.

Check out these forms if you're buying real estate, but if you're selling real estate, you should be interested in these forms.

The Colorado Division of Real Estate's forms are free, but they don't address issues specific to any particular transaction. There are times when it is best to create specific documents for specific situations. If that is the case, you should contact a real estate attorney.


How do you know if you need a Colorado real estate attorney to help you draft a form specific to your real estate transaction?

There are a lot of standard forms out there to use, but in some instances you may need a form that takes into account the unique issues or circumstances.

Here are some situations where you may be best served by having a specific form created for your transaction by an attorney.

  • You need a listing contract and the property your listing has problems that you need to disclose to potential buyers.
  • You found a property you want to purchase, and need to agree on what kind of buy/sell contract is best.
  • The property you want has issues you will want the seller to address before the purchase is completed.
  • You need an earnest money promissory note.
  • The property you are buying or selling has mineral interests.
  • Every lease or rental agreement drawn up by the other party should be reviewed by your attorney 
  • The Buyer or Seller is proposing a contingency be placed upon the sale.
  • The property you want to buy is occupied by a Tenant.
Why You Should Double Check Your Real Estate Forms

Colorado's property values are already high, but their continuing to rise. Even more, rental rates are exceptional. For those reasons, it is well within your best interest to review all your forms with a Colorado-licensed real estate attorney. In some instances, it might be best to draft your own custom form.


The State of Colorado requires real estate brokers use approved forms, with exceptions.

The list of approved forms you can download here include:

Colorado law also requires a real estate broker to retain your property transaction documents for four years. Click here to download the list of real estate documents required for retention.

As a real estate owner and attorney, I understand the complexity behind dealing with Real Estate Forms. If you need help understanding what forms you need, please contact me to schedule a free consultation. 

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