Download 4 Exclusive Listing Contracts for use in Colorado

The four exclusive real estate listing forms cover exclusive right to buy, right to sell, right to lease and an exclusive tenant contract.  

  1. Exclusive Right to Buy Contract -- This is an agreement between the client and the broker ensuring that the broker receives comission once the property is sold. This contract keeps real estate purchasers from buying real estate property without the broker or agent.
  2. Exclusive Right to Sell Contract -- This is an agreement between the property seller and the broker that comission is owed to the broker regardless of who buys the property or who brings in the buyer. 
  3. Exclusive Right to Lease Listing -- This is an agreemnet giving brokers the exclsuive right to lease property on the behalf of the property owner. Once a lessee is found, the property owner will pay comission to the broker.
  4. Exclusive Tenant Contract Listing -- This is an agreement that binds the tenant to use the broker exclusively to find a property for them. Once a suitable property is found, the tenant will pay comission to the broker.

Remember, as you review the forms:

  • Make sure you understand the terms being used and the information required 

  • Take your time to create a valid and enforceable real estate listing contract 

  • Be sure to make your real estate listing contract legally enforceable